A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

That's life!

Dive into a quaint little world filled with friendly faces to interact with. Seize the day and help the townsfolk by exploring the area and completing tasks in this retro walking sim. 



  • Arrow Keys - Move/Look
  • Space - Interact
  • C - Car Mode (Requires Keys)
  • V - View New Quests
  • Tilde (~) - Open Command Console
  • TAB - Autofill on Command Console


Tips and Tricks:

  • Use the 'V' key to locate unhelped NPCs and complete all the quests!
  • Visit the statue outside the city for tips on more efficient play. 


Install instructions

  1. Unzip the folder
  2. Open "CestLaVie.exe"
  3. Enjoy!




  • Andrew Sylvester
  • Phu Le
  • Henry Werner
  • Cameron Meyer
  • Noah Sims


  • Mobile Tree Package by Laxer
  • Rock Pack by FR3D
  • Skybox Series Free by Avionx
  • 3D Maninjeanswithabaldhead0366fbx by 3dfarm
  • Outside ambiance with birds by Ryntjie
  • Night Time Amb.wav by Kane5312
  • Stream River Water Up Close by jackthemurray
  • Crash.wav by Eponn
  • underwater.mp3 by monica137142
  • Car Lock by hz37
  • Alarm clock without noisereduktiom by straget


CestLaVie.zip 65 MB
CestLaVieMac.zip 78 MB


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Awesome game, thoroughly enjoyed it. Driving the car felt amazing. Only wish it had more quests.